Why is Hunting Such a Big Business in West Texas?

It wasn’t that long ago when ranchers in West Texas assumed that their land was only good for raising cattle, but when oil was discovered that changed everything. It was as though some ranchers who were destined to be poor we’re suddenly thrust into a kind of wealth that they could not have otherwise understood, or prepare themselves for. However, if your land didn’t happen to have a oil under it, or you didn’t happen to own mineral rights to your property, the oil that was discovered made no difference to you. You were the unlucky sort that had no real up-side to owning land in that region.  That is, until the rise of a hunting population who was willing to move Heaven and Earth in order to harvest the biggest Whitetail dear possible.

big west texas buckUnlike the oil business which started in the north west part of the state, the hunting business began in the south region of Texas and movies way north. And for many years, it was assumed that whitetail deer could only grow to trophy size in the southern climate. However a booming business of whitetail and exotic animal hunting has nevertheless irrupted in West Texas. When I say West Texas, I am referring to the land between San Angelo and El Paso. This area, previously assumed to be only inhabited by Mule Dear, has seen a population explosion of the more desirable Whitetail dear species.

As a result of this explosion it’s understandable to see how the hunting business has moved its way into this area. Hunting operations who previously touted themselves as being able to take you to your trophy, Which happen to be in some other part of the state, are now advertising themselves to have the best whitetail hunting in West Texas. This may not seem like that big of a deal, but previously, no one wanted to hunt Whitetail in West Texas.

Economically, it’s important to note that the money that is brought in by hunting, has an extraordinarily positive impact on local businesses and schools. Whether it is a result of the local culture or a result of the hunting experience, most businesses who profit from Game hunting are mom and pop type establishments. Every element of the hunting process, can derive a positive economic benefit for the local economy. From the land and taxes associated with it, to the hunting guides and operations that attract these hunters, all the way to the people who are feeding and outfitting hunters as they prepare for these unique hunting experiences.

It is easy to see that hunting is big business, and it’s unlikely that such an economic powerhouse will ever go away.